Over the Garden Wall by Jim Campbell Cover << Here’s the art I did for the cover of issue 2 of the over the garden wall comic. It looks like you buy it online now (maybe that’s a pre-order.. I don’t think it’s in stores yet..) Each issue is a separate story that takes place between episodes. This one is the “tale of Fred the Horse”, as told by Fred after they “steal” him from the old tavern. http://www.boom-studios.com/over-the-garden-wall-02-jim-campbell-cover.html

torifalls : 30 Day OTP Challeng: Day 5 – KissinghE RE IT IS. OH MY GOD WHY DID I MAKE IT SO SMALLand these are nt sad kissies its like a reunion th ing or smth no sad under my roof – over the garden wall wirt beatrice infinite eyerolls

Over the Garden Wall❤ Adelaide Parade: Ohh, were goin to the pasture to meet Adelaide and ask er If she has a way to send us back where we came from I dont know who she is, Or how she is Or when or why she is, But as for where she is She is where we will go To Adelaide, to Adelaide Come on and join the Adelaide parade Adelaide, to Adelaide Were going to Adelaides house today